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Twelve Months of Kaidan | Documenting Your Baby’s First Year

My son Kaidan is a very well documented child.  When we have a second child I’m sure he or she will not be so fortunate, but there’s just so much “newness” to capture with a first baby (and no additional children to keep up with).  During his first year I took a photo of Kaidan each month in (mostly) the same setting.  I thought we would just be able to compare his growth from month to month, but I was surprised to see how well his personality development was revealed in the photos:

Twelve Months of Kaidan

Here are some tips for capturing each month of your baby’s first year:

  • Pick one location and stick with it.  If you use an elevated surface you’ll eventually need a spotter to help you (thanks, dear:).  See my tips on simplifying your backgrounds, and try to do a better job than I did at getting the angle and distance from Baby to the camera the same from month to month.
  • Have a reference for size.  Think teddy bears, sock monkeys, Sophie the Giraffe, or rattles.  Something that Baby can interact with is ideal.
  • Keep clothing simple.  A white onesie keeps the focus on baby’s face.  Just a diaper is cute too; I used two sizes of the same  diaper cover with Kaidan.

Here are some other examples of first year projects done by creative moms:
Giant calendar backdrop
Chalkboard backdrop
Monthly facts

I would love to get creative with you and provide a first year photo session package for your little one.

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